The Operating Committee on Coal, coke and coal chemicals was formed in the year 1975. The idea was to create a forum where the coke oven fraternity from different units around India could exchange information, operating experiences, ideas and views so as to bridge the communication gap between different steel plants in the area of coke making and coal chemicals recovery. The committee initially consisted of the representatives from SAIL, TATA Steel and RINL. Presently the committee consists of 21 organisations from across the country. R&D Centre for Iron & Steel, SAIL, Ranchi acts as co-ordinator for the committee activities. The meetings of this Operating Committee are held once or twice in a year, by rotation in different steel plants and R&D Centre for Iron & Steel, SAIL, Ranchi. In each meeting, a general review of the performance of each individual plant is carried out and also 3 theme topics relevant to the current scenario in coke making and coal chemicals recovery are discussed. The topics for discussion are decided well in advance. The focus is on sharing success stories, problems and innovations. Plant visits for the members are also arranged. Till date 46 nos. of operating committee has been held in different steel plants across the country. 

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